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You make me laugh.

Who are we kidding? You will never change. You tried? Oh, stop with all the lies, please. We’re done pretending. Just do whatever you want, I don’t care anymore. Life goes on, and it doesn’t stop for anyone.

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I’m not asking you to be perfect.

All I’m asking you is to be honest with me no matter what. I trusted you, and it hurts that you just threw it all away like you can just ask for another chance and screw that one again, then just ask for another one. That’s not how it’s always gonna be like, we get hurt and other people get involved. You don’t even realize how disappointed you made me feel, I hope that you learned your lesson, coz I sure learned mine. I still don’t know if I should give you another chance, I’m sorry, but all I need is time. Maybe I just want you to prove to me that you’ve changed, and that you won’t break another promise.

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Actions speak louder than words

You’re not gonna get me with those big words that you’re using, coz I don’t fall for those. I want you to prove everything that you’re saying, so I can trust you. If you wanna make this work, do something about it, and keep your promises. I wanna end this year with just the people I love and that I can trust. 2012, be good to me!

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