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I’m not asking you to be perfect.

All I’m asking you is to be honest with me no matter what. I trusted you, and it hurts that you just threw it all away like you can just ask for another chance and screw that one again, then just ask for another one. That’s not how it’s always gonna be like, we get hurt and other people get involved. You don’t even realize how disappointed you made me feel, I hope that you learned your lesson, coz I sure learned mine. I still don’t know if I should give you another chance, I’m sorry, but all I need is time. Maybe I just want you to prove to me that you’ve changed, and that you won’t break another promise.

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Mind your own business.

Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings just coz you’re having fun! Everyone matters, maybe not for you since you don’t have a heart. I just hate how people these days just cares about their reputation, you think you’re cool? Let me tell you what’s cool. I can even spread more rumors about you, coz I know a lot, a lot, about you. But, I’m gonna keep my mouth shut, coz unlike you, I have more important things to do than making people look bad. I’m not gonna waste my time on you, coz I know there’s more people out there who’ll treat me better and deserve to be trusted. And, if you think you’re so much better than me, then explain why you’re even talking about me, why you’re trying to destroy me. Is that how much better I am? Thanks for reminding me that. Seriously, get a life! And if in luck you get one, worry about your own life, my dear, not anyone else’s.

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